Maintenance and Utilities at Red Pine

Please utilize this page to submit a maintenance request, contact our recommended vendors, and review our remodel procedures.

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Maintenance Request

Please utilize this contact form to send a request to our maintenance team. You may also fill out our Maintenance Request Form and email it to


Any remodels must be approved by Red Pine. Necessary permits must be acquired before work begins. Said permits must be posted in a front window and provided to Red Pine. All contractors must be licensed and insured. See "Approved Utilities" (below) for more details. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


Utilities for Red Pine


Rocky Mtn Power: 877-508-5088

Natural Gas

Dominion Energy: 800-767-1689


Mountain Regional: 435-940-1916


Comcast/Xfinity 24/7 Bulk Support: 855-307-4896

Recommended Vendors for Red Pine


Zen Zoe, Troy and Annette, 435-655-1900

Hot Rod and Yox, 435-649-4759

VR Plumbing, 435-645-8808



SentryWest, Craig Crockett, 801-272-8468, Fax: 801-277-3511,

General Contractor

Mike Stecki, 435-640-1126

Renovate Park City, Paul, 435-729-0241


Behr Mountain Electric, 435-647-0663

Salmon Electric, Sean Salmon, 801-910-7207


Community Water Emergency, 435-649-7324


Eric Berg, 435-659-6095

Snow Removal

Eric Berg, 435-659-6095

Amigo (sidewalks only), 435-615-0313

Exterior Painting

Final Touch Painting, Kirk, 970-485-1551


Bob Stokes, 801-688-0609

PatchMaster, 801-895-0080

Pools/Hot Tubs

Property Watch, Jeff Christiansen, 435-731-0098,

Pest Control

Beeline Pest, 801-544-9200

Glass Replacement

Bountiful Glass, 801-377-4355

Window Cleaning

Eckland Window Cleaning, 435-640-0167

Sundance Window Cleaning, 435-631-9797

Window Replacement

USI, Rusty Carson, 801-487-8807

Window Screens

Screen Mobile, Lisa (Office), 435-658-0538


Bill and Doug Wark, 516-361-2518


Alpine Gas, 801-487-4446


Mad Hatter, Larry Mears, 435-649-7129

Park City Lock & Key


Park City Towing



Premier Strand Heating and Air, Roger Strand, 435-640-7824

Just Right Heating and Cooling, 801-923-7869


Heber Appliance (washer/dryer), Derrick Hendrickson, 435-315-3306, 435-654-4623 x 107,

This list is provided as a courtesy to Red Pine Homeowners. Although all of the listed vendors have provided services to Red Pine and individual homeowners, the fairness of prices or quality of services are in no way warranted by management or the Red Pine Homeowner's Associations.

Summit County Sheriff: 435-615-3500. Feel free to contact the local sheriff's office for non-emergencies, such as noise disturbances (quiet hours are 10PM-7AM. For emergencies, please call 911.

Remodel Procedures for Red Pine

Remodel Requirements

Electrical and Plumbing

If you plan on working with electrical or plumbing in your unit, proper approval and permits are required.


If you wish to replace any flooring in your, you must properly soundproof as per Red Pine requirements. "Quiet Walk" is the minimum requirement for soundproofing floors.

Approval Process

Any remodels must be approved by Red Pine's Property Management Team and the HOA. Necessary permits must be acquired and posted before work begins. All contractors must be licensed and insured. You may use the above form to contact the Maintenance Team to begin the approval process.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether the work you wish to do requires permits and approval, please Contact Us.


Chalet Toilet Information

All Chalet units shall have low-flow toilets installed at all locations within their respective units. This rule is enforced by fines as of July 2, 2018. No wipes, diapers, or non-disintegrating items are to be flushed. Please throw such items in the refuse.

For more information, please see the attached Chalet Rules for Toilets, Washers, and Dryers.

Chalet Washer and Dryer Information

All washing machines must have a "high efficiency" designation. High efficiency means lower water usage. GE, Whirlpool, Bosch, and Asko make the compact, high-efficiency front-loading washers.

All dryers must be ventless, self-condensing, and electric units in order to meet the county provision. These types of units do not cause mold. The LG and Bosch units are small compact units, while the Whirlpool is a full-size unit. All of these units are 240 volt dryers and are stackable.

For more information, please see the attached Chalet Rules for Toilets, Washers, and Dryers.


Instructions For Utility Installation

If you are interested in installing an approved washer and dryer, please follow these instructions:

  • Select a unit from our approved models
  • Find a contractor (see below or refer to our vendors list for recommended contacts)
  • Connect the contractor with Ptarmigan's maintenance team for placement, piping, etc.
  • Obtain a permit from the county
  • Work with the county to conduct an electrical inspection
  • Schedule a final inspection with Ptarmigan

Feel free to contact Red Pine if you would like us to connect you with owners who have installed washer/dryers in their units.

Recommended vendors:

  • Paul from Renovate Park City: 435-729-0241
  • Derrick from Heber Appliance: 435-315-3306, 435-654-4623 x 107,

Air Conditioning

Approval must be given by the HOA prior to installing air conditioning. Please contact to begin a discussion on A/C.

A comprehensive installation plan, including photos/diagrams showing condenser and line placement, must be provided to receive final approval.

All A/C units for Chalets and Townhomes must be split units that are 58 decibels or below. Condensers must be placed on the deck. All lines must go directly into the unit (no exterior cabling).

Some recommended brands include:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Frigidaire

For more information about A/C, you may contact Just Right Heating & Cooling at 801-923-7869 or refer to their website:


Chalet Garbage Disposals

The Red Pine Chalet HOA recommends removing any garbage disposals and installing p-traps in order to eliminate inappropriate items getting caught in our plumbing. The HOA is willing to complete this removal and replacement for free! If you are interested in this service, please submit a maintenance request above including your name, unit number, and contact information, or send an email to


Chalet Front Doors:

A primed smooth steel Jeld-Wen exterior door can be ordered from Home Depot. For further assistance with this, please contact us at

Townhome Front Doors:

The new Townhome front door is model #S1100 from C&M Doors (385-259-0296).

Townhome Storm Doors:

The approved storm doors for the Canyon Townhomes consist of Anderson #2500 or #3000. These can be purchased from Home Depot or Stock Building Supply or another company of your choice. Please see the attached documents for 2500-series and 3000-series storm door options.


Windows and Screens


Before replacing windows, please contact us at

The proper way to install a window to meet the HOA guidelines is as follows:

  • The window frame must be the same color as original (or as close as possible brown or brushed bronze).
  • Window must open the same direction.
  • Window must come with a nailing flange that is attached to window which is attached to sheathing.
  • The window must be nailed into the frame.
  • Take trim off side of building.
  • Cut siding back so can take existing window and flange off.
  • Install ice and water shield.
  • Reinstall siding and trim.

Please contact Lisa at Screen Mobile for more information about window screens: 435-658-0538.

Townhome Storage

For Townhome Owners interested in installing an exterior storage unit, approval through Ptarmigan is required. Please contact Ptarmigan for more information at